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zarin taslima
Jul 17, 2022
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The "Tianlu Yufang Essence Drink" created by New Zealand, the world's largest exporter of deer antler, and Zhengguanzhuang, the world's first ginseng brand, carefully selects about 2-2.5% of the extremely precious wax slices at the tip of deer antler, and produces only 2 % of the top 6-year-old Korean ginseng-ground ginseng. combined with sufficient glucosamine company banner design and Ganoderma lucidum fruiting bodies that can help the flexibility of key links, also added red dates, wolfberry, astragalus and other mild qi-boosting assists, every bite is the ultimate Precious luxury imperial recipe! This perfect formula has both South Korea and New Zealand double national quality control, with traceable quality control, through the exclusive 8 stages of Zhengguanzhuang (note) strict selection, repeated multiple inspections, the quality is absolutely assured and assured! After the Zhengguanzhuang "Tianlu Series" was launched in South Korea in 2020, it achieved a hot sales record of NT$1. 4 billion, and the cumulative global sales exceeded NT$5.5 billion, creating a whirlwind of ginseng and deer supplementation in the industry! Caring for the best flexibility of the elders, instant tear and drink to enhance protection anytime Zhengguanzhuang product map
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zarin taslima

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